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Professional Translations

It is essential when doing business in a foreign country that your communications are translated flawlessly. The slightest error, although unnoticeable to you, can easily be laughable to a native speaker of that language. People do judge you on the correctness and style with which you use language. If you have errors in your brochures or on your website, or even if you have simply written something in an awkward or overly complicated way, people are going to think that all work you do is to this standard. Would you employ the services of a company which can’t even write well in the language of the country where they are trying to do business?

Think about it. If you are a company based in France looking for IT solutions, for example, and you stumble upon a beautifully designed website only to find that their French writing is littered with errors, however slight and insignificant, will you be able to trust them not to make similar errors when providing their service to you? Of course not. If they apply that standard to their writing, the chances are that’s the standard they apply to everything they do. You are going to choose the company which writes French accurately and appropriately. Language is something too often overlooked. It represents you and people are going to assess the likely standard of your work partly by the standard of your writing in their language.

Alternatively, if you have just bought an expensive piece of machinery from a foreign company, which comes with an operations manual translated into your language. Your engineers are struggling to comprehend some of the most vital instructions causing time and money to be wasted or simply causing the machine not to work to its optimum productivity, or maybe they failed to understand a safety warning, causing damage to machinery or even worse, employees’ health, are you going to buy more machinery from that company?

In order to provide a high standard, only native speakers of the target language can be used, as however advanced someone is in a given language, they will never be able to write it quite like a native speaker. It is a common misunderstanding that all you need in order to be able to translate is a high level in at least two languages. In fact translation is a rare skill, which requires a high level in the source language combined with excellent and comprehensive writing skills in the native language, not to mention an unusually high level of attention to detail and years if not decades of experience. For technical translations, the translator also needs to be knowledgeable in the subject area. Once your documents have been translated, they should be thoroughly checked, edited and proofread by different linguists as even the most experienced translator is human and is therefore unavoidably prone to making errors.

We know how to get translations to come out correctly and well-written. Trust us with this task and you will appear professional and meticulous to your potential clients.

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